What are these and how can I see thru them?
Rear window graphics have been around for awhile now but, over the past few years, have invaded the every day consumer market. They are printed on a vinyl material with high quality inks that can last upwards of 3 years or more. Originally created for more commercial uses, the perforated vinyl is made up of 50% material and 50% holes. When viewing the image from outside the vehicle, your eyes naturally make out the image and disregard the holes. However, when viewed form the inside, you can see out because the vinyl is one color; black, and your eyes disregard the single color for what can be seen thru it; the outdoors.

Are these hard to install? What about removal?
Unlike window tint, these install on the outside of the glass so installation is fairly simple. We recommend having someone help you just in case you need an extra set of hands. Also, all graphics come with installation instructions. If installation seems to difficult, any sign, body, or car accessory shop could install it for you. Taking them off is easy, too. Simply lift a corner and peel. A glass cleaner will help remove any residue(if there is any) left behind.

I've got a sliding rear window. Will these work on my glass?
Yes they will. Additional trimming is required and use of the slider may be prohibited though.

What about shipping? How long does it take to get one?
These are generally printed to order so once an order is placed please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Is it safe to use my rear defrost? What about an ice scraper?
It is safe to use rear defrost; they install on the outside so there is no effect. An ice scraper, on the otherhand, must be avoided. Again, since they do install on the outside, use of an ice scraper would destroy the graphic. Do not attempt use of an ice scraper.

Will these ever make it harder to see out?
Yes, at times, there will be reduced visibility. Obviously, if there is ice on the glass it will be difficult to see out. Rain can also impair vision temporarily due to the small holes filling up with water. Wiping the graphic off with a soft towel before driving can help speed up the drying time. Operating your vehicle with impaired vision is done at your own risk.

How do I care for my graphic?
Clean the graphic the same as you would your car. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals, though. Mild soap and water is all that's needed. We don't recommend automatic car washes as these aren't particularly good for your car anyway. When using a pressure washer do not get more than 24" close to the graphic when spraying your vehicle off.

Do window tinting laws apply to these
They might. Every state, county, and possibly town, is different when it comes to tint. Since people can't see in these might fall under the rules of window tint in your area. Consult your local laws regarding window tint if this is of a concern to you.

What sizes are these available in?
Most graphics offer the choice of 3 different sizes. If there is no size choice the size will be stated under the image. The only images that may be available in sizes other than shown are the graphics that offer a choice of size.

I received my graphic but now I don't like it. Can I return it?
All graphics are made to order so there are absolutely NO returns. All sales are final. Upon receiving the item, please inspect and if there is a problem, contact us immediately and we will rectify. If you received the wrong size or there is a defect in the graphic(mistake on our end) we will supply you a new one. There are absolutely NO returns or credits after 14 days of receipt. Installation errors or ordering errors are not acceptable reasons for returns. There are no cash returns on any order placed.

What about custom window graphics?
We do offer custom graphics sometimes. We are relatively busy and only take custom orders on a case by case basis. However, IMAGE QUALITY IS A MUST! Images taken off of or created for the web will NOT be of high enough quality. Also, images scanned on your computer generally will NOT work. Pictures taken with HIGH QUALITY digital cameras are acceptable but should not be resized. Images created in professional grade design programs are USUALLY the best.

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